Spiritual Meditation for Beginners – Connect with Spirits (Updated 2020)

Spiritual meditation for beginners

Spiritual meditation for beginners is a way to see who you are as your higher self, connect with Spirit Guides, and tap into the unconscious mind. This section is where spirituality will differ from science. (we have written an article on the levels of consciousness here.) Spiritualists and scientists will both agree on the next part of this article, and then we are going to get into the spiritual side. Meditation is a way to train your mind. Not in the sense that you may first think of, like with math, or working out sequences. It is more about training your brain to perceive your thoughts in a way that helps you instead of hinders.

A Spiritual Meditation For Beginners Guide

Before we get into the actual guide, I would like to take some time to explain to you what our thoughts are on meditation.

What Is Spiritual Meditation?

We have all had thoughts that make us doubt ourselves or confuse us, some that even enrage us. It is these thoughts that we need to understand and our reactions to these thoughts that we will learn to control. Spiritual meditation is going to help us do just that.

Spiritual meditation will allow you to see inside yourself at a deeper level than you usually would. The reason for that is pretty simple; everyday life gets in the way of seeing yourself for who you are. You only ever see the surface of your emotions and thoughts, and maybe not even that far when you are extremely busy. However, meditation gives you the chance to strip back those outer thoughts, and see your inner self.

What is Meditation Good for?

I bet the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of what meditation is good for is relaxation. If it is what you thought, then you are correct! But it is not only “in the meditation moment” that it will help you. It is known to reduce stress in general too. As has been pointed out in the section above, it will help you realize your thoughts and understand their meanings. That does not happen instantly, though. You will need to practice meditation regularly to gain the full benefit from it.

In turn, as your stress levels start to drop, anxiety will begin to fall too. That is not to say that there are always complete cures to all fears through meditating alone, but it certainly will help. I know this personally.

Cardiologist, Herbert Benson, MD, has researched the health effects of meditation for three decades, and he says: “Any condition that’s caused or worsened by stress can be alleviated through meditation.” Dr. Benson also says that meditation will provide a relaxation response which will:

  • Increase in Metabolism
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Improve Heart Rate
  • Regulate Breathing
  • Help Brain Waves
  • Eases Cronic Pain
  • Boosts Mood
  • Strengthens your Immune System
  • Can help with Fertility issues

As you can see from the list above, there are many physical health benefits to meditation as well as mental. This list leads us to the next question:

Who Can Use Meditation?

The most straightforward answer to this is everyone. However, that would be a little bit of an easy solution to leave it there. There is isn’t anyone who couldn’t benefit from regular meditation, though. If you have any of the above issues, you would probably benefit from it.

As I wrote a little earlier, I have found help from anxiety with meditation. I could never meditate when anxious, as this would only lead to over-analyzing my thoughts that started my fear. But if you can make time to meditate when you are not in an anxious mood, it will begin to ease your troubled times. That said, timing can be quite crucial to get the most from sessions, so try to plan them.

Will Meditation Benefit you?

Again, if you have read this far through the article, you have likely concluded that yes, it will. I have never heard of someone that has had adverse side effects from meditation, nor have I heard of anyone who has not had some positive result if they have stuck to it.

When you go into this, you need to remember; one meditation will not get you everything. Plan this to be something that you will dedicate yourself to, and you will benefit.

Types of Spiritual Meditation for Beginners

There are a few types of meditation. I will quickly go over some of the main types of meditation that you can use. I will also give some explanations for each. All kinds of meditation have some underlying, set rules that you must follow to say that it is meditation. The use of a defined technique, logic relaxation, a self-induced state of mind. It is the technique that changes. Some of the types include:

  • Single point
  • Mindfulness
  • Loving-Kindness
  • Progressive Relaxation
  • Breath Awareness
  • Zen
  • Transcendental

I will go further into detail on each of these in other posts because this article is about spiritual meditation for beginners, not people of different levels.

Now that we have gone through the basics of all kinds of meditation let’s have a look at what you came here for in the first place. Guided and self-controlled are the main two types of spiritual meditation that you will want to know as a beginner and what you can achieve with them.

Spiritual meditation for beginners

With spiritual meditations, you can achieve many things on a personal level. What you are doing is raising your etheric vibrations to a similar vibration to the planes that spirits, guides, and your higher self are on. It is at this point that you will be able to, with practice, get messages from those spirits and gain insights through your unconscious mind about how you could help yourself and others.

As you gain confidence and knowledge through this method, you will also increase this ability. I do not believe that this is something that only certain people can do. I wholeheartedly believe that it is a skill like any other that you can learn if you want to do it and dedicate yourself to it.

Firstly, I would only attempt these meditations if you are comfortable with connecting with spirit guides and other spirits. It is not usually a frightening experience, but it would be beneficial for you to have a read through my grounding and protection articles before continuing.

Some people, myself included, like to make a specific space for these meditations and sessions and use some items to get me into the right mental state to do spiritual work.

Spiritual Guided Meditations

Guided meditations were the easiest for me to start with as a beginner. As the name suggests, someone conducts the session, so you don’t have to remember it yourself. This guide can be someone within a group (circles), or you can use audio tracks from CDs, or my favorite, Youtube. I now use the YouTube and Audible tracks if I want to do some more advanced things such as Astral Projection or Remote Viewing as these are sometimes easier with some specific guidance. They are also easier to do in bed on your own, in my opinion.

Astral Projection and Remote Viewing are things that I may do articles about in the future, but I would like to keep the website in an order that most people can follow. So for now, let’s get back to the guided meditations.


I have taken part in guided meditations in groups and found them to be very successful. They can be very beneficial to your spiritual journeys if you find a circle that you can get along with and become comfortable. Usually, the person who writes the meditation is also the person who guides them, but sometimes someone will write them for other people to read. Either way, I think they can offer a perspective that you may not get anywhere else.

Spiritual meditation circles

They can and often do offer personal meanings, solutions, and perspectives to things that you can relate to the reader/writer themselves, and also transfer into your situations. If you can find yourself a circle to join, there is a lot of information in them, often taught by someone who has had a lot of experience in spirituality and surrounding subjects. I learned a lot of what I know now through going to regular circles and just chatting to other like-minded people.

Audio tracks

These are sometimes one of the best sources of guided meditation available. There is a vast amount of them free to users of Audible, and if you haven’t already, then I would take their trial to see what is on offer. There are over 750 titles that are free for Audible users with many different subjects.

Of course, there are CDs and audio downloads that you can buy too. Some of these are very good also. Some of the leading contenders in guided meditation will only produce their work in these formats, and they are well worth checking out. There are people like Jon Kabat-Zinn Ph.D. who will do one or two of their downloads on audible; however, the majority of his work is on CD or digital download.


Now, this has to be a very close call between YouTube and Audible. Audible will usually have less low quality guided meditations, and when you are a beginner, the quality is something that you need to take seriously. YouTube does have a lot of low-quality meditations, and if you are not careful, you could get yourself lost in a downward spiral of the bad ones.

However, if you do some research into who is doing legitimate work on the video giant, you will undoubtedly find some outstanding producers of guided meditations. My favorite of these has to be Jason Stephenson. I enjoy his videos so much that I have contacted him and asked him if I can feature some of his videos on this site in future articles. (He said yes!)

When looking through YouTube for meditations, be sure to look for beginner meditations to start. No matter how good the producer of the meditations is, it will be quite easy to get lost in more advanced techniques if you are not ready for them.

Spiritual Meditation for Beginners – Self-Controlled Meditations

If you are unsure about doing guided meditations, and many people are at first, then you may want to start with self-guided practices. It doesn’t matter which order you do these in, but if you are like me, then you will probably begin with self-controlled, then move to guided meditations when you want to experience more, then move back to self-controlled to see if you can do what you have learned, and so on.

self controlled meditation

I am going to give you an example of a self-guided meditation next. It is quite long. Before you do this, try to make sure that you have read through it, and you understand what you are going to do. Once you have started, it will be counterproductive to stop and read this!

  • Prepare your area. – Cleanse the area and prepare any of the other items that you use.
  • Sit Comfortably in your area.
  • Control your breathing. – Take ten deep, slow breaths.
  • Ground yourself. – Do this every time!
  • Complete your Spiritual Protection. – Do this every time too!
  • Control your breathing again.
  • See your meditation area. – Do this as vividly as possible in your imagination. When you have done this, continue the steps below.
  • Find an exit from your area. – Find an opening in your surrounding walls. It may be a door that you rarely use or a completely new opening that appears in a wall.
  • Exit your space. – See yourself moving towards this exit. Open the door. As you open the door, greeting you is the same white light that you used to protect yourself. It is immensely bright, but it does not blind you or hurt you in any way; this is the divine light.
  • See a path. – As you open the door, you will see a trail. It can be any path or trail you like. I like to use a grassy area with trees and birds and other wildlife.
  • Make your first steps. – Start walking along your path. Take your time. Take in all of your surroundings, the sights, the smells, the sounds.
  • Continue walking. – Continue taking in as much as you can. There is no rush. If you need to return to your physical body at any time, you will be fully able to. As you are walking down this path, you see an opening into your safe place; this can be a hedgerow with a gate, a stone wall with a door, or anything else that you would like. It is time to walk through the opening.

Your Safe Place

See yourself in a safe place. – After you walk through the opening that you saw, there will be your safe place. This secure area can be anywhere you like, even if you have never visited it before. I like to design and make a garden. If you use this as your safe place, then you can go back there at any time. More on this a little later.

safe place

Find somewhere comfortable to stop. – When you feel ready, find a space to stop and sit (I use a park bench). This bench is where your Spirit Guides, Spirit Animals, loved ones, etc. will visit you. It will be where they know you are comfortable in your safe place.

  • Wait. – This part is sometimes the most frustrating of the whole process. But also the exciting part. (I will go into this part below)
  • Return to your Safe place. – You need to get up from where you were sitting, go back down the path, and back through the door into your meditation space.
  • Return to Normality. – Now that you have returned to your meditation space, you can start to bring yourself around. Do this slowly. Bring your awareness to your seat. Then slowly bring it to more and more of your body until you slowly open your eyes.
  • Ground yourself. – Grounding is to ensure you are entirely back into everyday life.
  • Protect yourself. – At this beginning stage of spiritual meditation, this is only really to get you into the practice of it for further into your journey when you start working with spirits that you do not know.

I am now going to go through the 2 points above that are too long to leave in the guide. (The exciting parts.)

The Exciting Part – Part 1: Creating Your Space

Your safe place. This place can be whatever or wherever you like. My only suggestion is that it is somewhere you want, or like the idea of going to often. You can use a garden, a room in your house or someone else’s, a desert island or anywhere you like. It will be beneficial if you have a place in mind before you start. Although this is not necessary, sometimes areas come to you naturally.

garden meditation

The reason for this is, during your meditations, you may get spiritual gifts given to you. I have received feathers, candles, even a sandwich from my grandparents! This garden (or whatever you choose) can change and grow with you. It can start as a small garden and grow into a vast, elaborate garden that only you know with different areas in it for different people you meet, and Items that they give to you.

Sometimes I go to my spiritual garden when I am going to sleep. I do this when I find myself unable to sleep. It gives me a way to explore the spiritual journey that I have been on through the years. I do not try to contact anyone, nor do I have any expectations of anything at all. I go there and see what awaits me. It can be helpful to do this from time to time, as it will give you a chance to rearrange things, or expand, or anything at all! You could even up and move all of your ideas to somewhere new. It is like an alternate reality that you get to control to the fullest extent possible!

Leave some comments below about what you have as your safe place, or what you plan it to be. It would be good to get other ideas on here!

The Exciting Part – Part 2a: Getting To Know The Feelings

When you get to step 3 of your safe place, you may be sat for a while before anything happens, if it does at all. Nothing happening is common, so do not get disheartened. It is just your higher self deciding that the time was not right for you, or that you needed time for some reflection time instead of guidance. It can quite often happen if you go into the meditation with questions for the spirits that you need to find the answers to on your own.

Once sat in your safe place, on your bench or whatever it is that you have decided, start taking notice of your senses. These are your physical senses, as you are only in meditation, not in trance or hypnosis. You may begin to sense a feeling that someone is behind you or to the side of you, or you may see the person in front of you. (Do not let this idea scare you; if you get worried, you can ask them to step back or go away completely, or even open your eyes.)

I have chosen this image as when you are beginning your journey; it can feel a little unnerving and overwhelming. However, do not let that put you off.

You may get a range of feelings, from shivers, cold or warm feelings, tingles, or just knowing that they are with you. Usually, the feelings you get will be on the side that they approach you. When you get these feelings, you can ask them to come closer, and the feelings usually intensify. Or ask them to move away, and they will weaken. It is a good idea to practice this with them. They understand what you are doing, so they will not be unhappy.

The Exciting Part – Part 2b: Knowing the Spirit Behind The Feeling

Now that you are used to the feelings that you get, you can start asking the spirits questions. I suggest that you start by just asking who each feeling is. I have found that different sensations are usually different spirits. Only you can decide what feeling is for who. It is advisable to start a journal at this point so that you can write down the feelings and associations. Journaling will be useful in the future, too, as you may find that loved ones have a specific feeling, and guides have a different one. It is all part of the enjoyment.

The answers to these questions may come to you in a variety of ways. You may have a feeling, such as that of an ailment that the person had. A smell that reminds you of them like their perfume. A sudden thought of something that takes you back to a memory of that person. You may hear their name or even have a flash of their face. Sometimes all you get is a “knowing” of who it is. All of these ways will be unique to you and them, and you should always treat that with great respect.

Guides are usually a little more challenging to work out as there will not be any apparent connections that you can use. I will do a separate article on types of spirit guides and their meanings, but the feelings that you get that I pointed out above can be used to answer questions that may give you some indications. Also, you may see flashes of images to provide you with clues.

Working Out The Answers To Your Questions

It may seem a little backward with the way that I am writing this; however, you do not always get the answers given in ways that you can understand easily. It is not like in general conversation with other people, and it is necessary to understand this before you ask the questions.

Sometimes you may be lucky and get a straight answer, and this may come in the form of hearing it, seeing it, or just knowing it. You must trust your intuition. Sometimes your mind will wander and give you answers that you “think” you want to know. Deciding which is which can be quite tricky when you are starting, but like everything, you must practice. You will get to a time where you will begin to differentiate the two.

spiritual meditation feelings

Other times, your answers may not be so clear. They may come in the form of an image that doesn’t make any sense at first. Or even for a while after that meditation. Write the questions and answers down in your journal and keep looking back at them.

The other way, and sometimes the most compelling, is to feel the answer. For example: If you have a guide that works with you often, and you have worked out that a buzzing on the back of your head is that guide, you can ask them questions, and they will answer you by coming closer to you (increase the feeling) or move away from you (decrease it). The majority of the time, I have found, an increase in that feeling means that you are on the right track. It may not be a direct yes or no, but it will give you an indication.

Do not be afraid to ask for clarification: Does that mean yes? Move closer for yes. Move further away for no. Etc.

Questions you can ask Spirits.

Simply put, you can ask them anything you like. That does not mean that the questions will be answered at all, let alone in ways that you would like.

If you ask a question such as: “Should I stay with my partner?” And they do not answer; this usually means that it is something that you need to find out on your own. It is also not an uncommon situation, and as frustrating as it may be, you need to accept it and try to work it out on your own. Sometimes you may just be asking at the wrong time.

Remember to ask for clarification. It is not always easy for spirits to communicate in ways that you would like.

Spirits are always accommodating to people, and they will respect you at all times. That is something you need to remember. If they do not feel like you are ready to meet face to face, they will not do it. They do not want to scare you. They want to work with you. Likewise, if you ask them to step away from you, then they will.


It is through this method, with many years of practice, that Mediums can get and deliver messages for other people via their loved ones and guides. Some are better than others at it, but I do believe that anyone can learn it. It may take more practice than you would initially like, but you will get there. Remember that the learning process is the most enjoyable part of it. We are all continuously learning, no matter how advanced someone seems.

Go through this guide and practice. You can add to it and take away from it what you like. It is by no means the only way to connect with spirits, but I found it the most comfortable way when I was starting my journey.

(A quick note, do not trust everyone who says they are a Medium. Find one that seems accurate, and do not believe the people that tell you there is a curse on you and they can lift it for $$$ or any other issue that they can “fix.”)

Remember to leave your comments in the section below.

I hope this helps. Blessings to you. Please Share this on your social media if you like it. 🙂

J2A 🙂