Divination – What Is The Meaning of Divination?

What Is Divination

The word divination comes from the Latin; diviner, which means to predict, foresee, or foretell the future and also means to be inspired by God. Divination is quite simply when you attempt to tell the future. You would achieve this by using the arts of the occult and by supernatural processes or rituals. These processes have been used and documented throughout history in many different forms.

When performing divination, you will be looking to give your client insight into their questions and how it would be best for the client to proceed in their situation. When doing this, you are linking in via a connection to the spiritual world and them giving you signs and omens to pass on to your client.

What Is Divination

Divination is different to fortunetelling. The art of divination has a formal and ritualistic approach to it. Very often, divination will have a religious tone to it. It can be of any religion but typically include religions such as Christianity, Shamanism, and Paganism. The style or type of divination provided may depend on the faith of the diviner. Fortune telling tends to be more for everyday use and is generally for personal use on the whole.

What Is The Meaning of Divination?

Divination has been dismissed as superstition by the scientific community and skeptics alike. Their experiments have not been able to prove the existence of the divination techniques and whether or not these techniques can genuinely be used for predicting the future. I have personally found divination to be very accurate, so I urge you to try the methods in this post and decide for yourself.

Any form of divination that you use is a tool to aid connection to spirit. Now we will look at some of the most commonly known styles of divination as well as maybe some less popular styles, but before we do, we need to talk about the basics of working with spirit.

The Psychic Clairs

The Clairs are your six senses, and they each have a Clair designated to them. You may hear them called other names as well. However, as with anything here, take what resonates with you. Spirit uses your senses or the Clairs to communicate with you, and it helps to understand the Clairs before diving right in. Below is a basic description of the psychic senses, but keep an eye out in the coming weeks for more detailed posts on these subjects. The Clairs consist of:

  • Clairvoyance. – Clairvoyance is the gift of being able to see through your third eye. It is one of the rarer natural gifts but can be developed with practice if you do not possess it naturally.
  • Clairsentience. – Clairsentience is the gift of being able to feel the spirit energy touching you. This gift comes from the solar plexus chakra. Someone who has this gift can pick up thoughts, feelings, illness, and see images.
  • Claircognizance. – Claircognizance is the gift of clear knowing. You will just know when a spirit is with you and will have sudden thoughts that have come to you from the spirit realm. This gift comes from the crown chakra.
  • Clairaudience. – Clairaudience is the gift of clear hearing. With this gift, you will be able to hear spirit. It may come to you like voices in your head, or this may feel like thoughts that are not your own.
  • Clairscent or Clairalliance. – Clairscent is the gift of clear smelling. It is when you can smell someone or something that connects to someone in spirit; if someone had a particular scent in life such as a cigar smoker, then you will also smell this on them as spirit.
  • Clairgustance. – Clairgustance is the gift of clear taste. This sense is where you will taste something that the person you are connecting with used to eat. So, if someone in life loved a particular food, then they may show you to this in a reading.

Some people find that they have a natural ability in one or more of the Clairs, but don’t worry if this is not you, anyone can learn and develop their Clairs with time and practice.


Before doing any form of spiritual or divination work, you must ensure that you are grounded. We are Earthly beings, and we must be sure that we remain anchored to this plane. Take a look through our grounding article, here.



Again, this is another crucial step in the process of preparing yourself for your divination work. When we work with divination, we are sending out a light to the spirit world to say, “I’m here and ready to work.” Unfortunately, this light goes out to all of the spirit worlds, so you must be sure to have protected yourself from any spirit whose intentions are not in love and light. We have an article about spiritual protection, here.

Opening Up

Opening up or the opening of the chakras is the process that you go through to tell spirit you want to work, and this is what sends your light out into the spirit world. The above three steps are essential in the process of divination. There are many different ways to do these steps, so try them all and see which one works best for you.

Types of Divination

Now that you are grounded protected, opened up, and ready to work with spirit, it is time to look at the different kinds of divination available and how to do them. You may find that you find some more straightforward than others or that you have a better connection to spirit through one type than another. Below is a list of the kinds of divination, try them all and see which works best for you. With time and practice, you can master them all.

  • Pendulum dowsing. – Dowsing is the use of a weight on a string, rope, ribbon, or chain that you can use to ask spirit to answer Yes, No, or don’t know questions. Please see here detailed instructions on this process.

Pendulum dowsing

  • Tarot Cards. – The Tarot is the use of cards to divine someone’s past present or future, answer questions, or give divine guidance. Tarot has specific meanings to each card that you would then tell a story through the cards.

tarot divination

  • Oracle Cards. – Oracle cards are much the same as the Tarot. Although they do not have set meaning like a Tarot deck, these are best to start with if you are a beginner. And also suitable for reading intuitively.
  • Psychometry. – Psychometry is the use of touch to connect your energies to the energy of the item in question to be able to read the articles past.
  • Palmistry. – Palmistry is the art of reading someone’s past present and future by reading the lines of a person’s palm.
  • Scrying. – Scrying is the art of being able to “see” the future from a reflective surface. This form of divination takes practice and patience. However, in my opinion, it is one of the more fun methods of divination.


  • Saxon Wands. – Saxon wands are the use of wooden wands (sticks) made from natural tree branches, much like divining rods they are used to answer questions.
  • Tea Leaf Reading. – Tea leaf reading is precisely what it says, when you read tea leaves to see images to be able to read for your client.
  • Numerology. – Numerology is the use of birth dates, times, ages, and other significant numbers to be able to plot a birth chart and personality reading for your client.
  • Astrology. – Astrology is the use of the stars, moon, planets, zodiac, and birth date to produce a full reading for your client.
  • Crystal Readings. – Crystals are fantastic for many metaphysical uses, readings being one, use your intuition to tell your clients past present, and future.
  • Spirit boards. – Spirit boards, also known as the Ouija board, is the use of a board with letters or numbers to connect to the spirit realm.

Ouija board

  • Ribbon Reading. – Ribbons, much like crystals, can be used to give information to read for a client.
  • Flower Reading. – You can use flowers in the same way that you can use crystals and ribbons. And therefore give a lovely personal reading for your client based on the flower they choose.
  • Runes. – Runes are a form of divination used in many Scandinavian countries. They make use of the runic alphabet carved or painted onto stones. Please see here detailed instructions on this process.

Divination Runes

  • Divination Dice. – Much like runes, but they are more compact.

Divination dice


When it comes to divination, some people have natural gifts and will pick things up very quickly. Some will not and will have to work at it a little harder but stick with it as the results are amazing, and you will never forget the first time someone comes to you and says, “that reading you gave me came true!”.

Practice as often as you can and try to read for people that you do not know well, to test how well you are doing. If you read for people that you already know, you will never know if the answers you are getting are because you already know this person’s situation or if spirit is giving you the answer.

Another thing that is worthy of mentioning is that when you start to work with spirit or with divination tools, it is advised to have a regular meditation routine. Regularly practicing meditation will allow you to keep your chakras clear to allow spirit to work through them.

Meditation is also a great way to develop your chakras, have a look at the article we have written on spiritual meditation, and some sample meditations to try.

Have fun, enjoy, and happy divining!