Diamond Metaphysical Properties | Healing

Diamond metaphysical properties

In this post, I am going to share with you my thoughts on what Diamond Metaphysical Properties are. I will also tell you a little about the physical healing properties of what is perhaps the most famous gemstone in the world!

Diamond Metaphysical Properties | Healing with Diamonds

Diamonds are an amazing stone and will activate the crown chakra, bringing your awareness to being in alignment with the Divine. It opens up doorways to the spiritual realm and reaches deep down within our emotional and etheric bodies.

Considered a stone of fulfillment, they bring your desires into reality and help you to achieve your dreams. Diamonds are the stone of invisibility; increasing courage and strength whilst bringing abundance in all areas. They will also boost your imagination and creativity too.

These stones work well on your feelings of self-worth and self-love which gives radiance to the person wearing them. This, in turn, rejuvenates the individual giving them a lighter and more joyful feel about the self. Diamonds will help to promote a feeling of inner peace and calmness.

Using diamonds during meditation or placing on the third eye chakra will assist in enhancing psychic abilities and bringing mental clarity. They will also help with detaching unwanted thoughts and mind chatter.

Diamonds cleanse the aura and carry an angelic frequency, making them wonderful vibrational energy to work with.

Physical Healing Properties

 Diamonds are master healing crystals that are powerful enough to amplify the properties of all other crystals. With this, it aids in the healing of certain conditions, such as conditions relating to epilepsy and strokes. And is especially helpful when energy has accumulated and created an imbalance within the physical body.

This precious gem brings the body and the mind into balance and creates harmony. They help to prevent diseases of the heart and assists in stimulating the glands and endocrine system. Diamonds metaphysical properties help with skeletal conditions and Leukemia. They are also helpful for improving one’s eyesight and can help to harmonize the metabolism.

Diamonds can give you enhanced will power in resisting addictions, more so when related to smoking and overeating.

Healing with Diamonds

  • Placing a rough piece of diamond on the lower back eradicates kidney stones.
  • Placing on the skull to bring the skeletal system back into alignment.
  • Wearing a set of Diamond earrings would be advantageous as they would act as a bridge between the throat chakra and the crown chakra, aiding in communication from the higher chakras.
  • As with earrings. Rings, bracelets or any form of diamond jewelry for that matter would be beneficial to the person wearing it. This is because every time you bring your hand up to your chest or your head you are bringing the energy of the stones into closer contact with the chakra points, thus assisting with the healing benefits.

The vibrational frequency of diamonds is very high, therefore it will transmit throughout the aura, benefiting the whole body.

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Diamond History

The hardest material known at this time is the diamond. Most natural diamonds have aged between 1 and 3.5 billion years, with the first diamonds found in India in the 4th century BC. Diamonds form at depths between 150 and 250 kilometers from the Earth’s surface, with some forming as deep as 800 kilometers!

The formation of diamonds is because of the extreme heat and pressure. A rare type of magma called Kimberlite then pushes the diamonds up to the surface into volcanic vents called diatremes. 

Diamonds, at this point, are quite unspectacular in comparison to the version you may want to buy for a ring, you may even pass one up for being another, much less valuable stone or even throw it away thinking it is glass! According to Blitzresults a 1 inch cube of glass weighs 1.47oz while the same-sided diamond would be 2.03oz so, at the size of an average diamond, you are not likely to know the difference!

The majority of these stones would have been transported from India to China through a network of trade routes that is a historically important route between China and the Mediterranean. Ferdinand von Richthofen coined the term ‘The Silk Road’ in 1877. Ferdinand named it this because Chinese silk was the majority of the trade following this road.

Its hardness contributes to the suitability as a gemstone along with the fact that it can only be scratched by other diamonds; it will maintain its polish and shine very well. The hardest stones are found in Copeton and Bingara fields in the New England region of New South Wales in Australia. They are generally small and perfect to polish other diamonds.

Other Diamond Information

Diamonds are naturally hydrophobic (water-repelling, it will never stay wet with water) but they are also lipophilic (having a high dissolvability in fats), so be careful not to get oil, etc. on them as they may become dull!

Although they are rare on earth, they are very common in space. In meteorites, about 3% of the carbon content is in the form of nanodiamonds. High-pressure experiments suggest that large quantities of these nanodiamonds condense from methane into diamond rain on the ice giant planets Uranus and Neptune. It is also thought that some extra-solar planets may be entirely made of diamonds.

Antwerp is known as the world diamond capital as 80% of all rough diamonds, 50% of all cut diamonds and more than 50% of all rough, cut and industrial diamonds combined are handled here.

Diamond has a very high optical dispersion. This is the ability to disperse lights of different colors and is what makes them so pretty to look at. Some even have opaque fibers that range in color from yellow to green to grey. Black ‘poly-crystalline’ diamonds are tougher than single-crystal diamonds and are formed in stars.

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