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Meditation essentials

In this day and age, there are many items that are for sale that can enhance your spiritual relaxation and atmosphere. In this article, I am going to share with you some of my favorite and the most popular meditation and spiritual products that you can buy, even if you have limited space.

Best Meditation Essentials and Products | Clothing

The goal in this article is to provide you with the knowledge of what items are available to you, what they do and how to use them. Some of the items I will cover here have already been mentioned in some of my other articles and I will link to them as we go. So if you see any links to other articles, I advise you to click them to learn a little bit more about what that specific item can do for you. (All of the links in the article will open in new tabs, so just click on them and you can go back to them after.)

Sometimes people search for the Zen of minimalistic living. But for myself, I have a large family therefore minimalistic living just cannot be a true reality for me. This has lead me to the philosophy of making sacred spaces and times to practice my spirituality. That does not mean clearing my living room of all its furniture every time I want to meditate or connect with spirit, It means to have items that can help me in strategically placed locations in my home so that they are readily at hand for the practices that sit the location.

Enough waffle, let’s start looking at some of the things you have come here for:

Spiritual Altars and Meditation Tables

Both of the above altars are great for me as they are relatively small and they are easy to assemble and disassemble. This makes them great for areas with low space. You can dismantle them and store them under your bed, in a cupboard or anywhere really. If you have space for keeping the round altar table assembled and in one place, it will be a good place to store all of your other things that go with it: Crystals, candles, cushion, etc.

Altars can be used for many purposes. Memorial, goals, rituals, abundance, angels, etc, but today we are going to concentrate on meditation. Let’s take a look at a few steps that you will need to do to create a meditation altar:

Create your Spiritual Altar

  • Choose the purpose of your altar. As I have said, we are going to look at meditation today, but even so, there are different types of meditation. Morning meditation for awakening and invigorating, evening meditations for relaxing, grounding, protection, connection, etc. Even though these can be used at any time, left set up or not, personally, I like these altars for morning meditations. This is because you can set them up just before you go to bed, do the meditation when you wake, clear up and you are done until the evening again.
  • Choose a space for the altar. Again, they can be set up anywhere, but my favorite option is in the bedroom. You have the ease of setting them up, using them, and taking them down while your children (If you have any of course!) are in bed.
  • Select items for your altar. Choose some items that can go onto your altar that you are drawn to and that fit in with your specific goals. Again, I am looking at waking up routine here so here are some of the things that I have:
    • An oil diffuser with invigorating oil like lemon, bergamot, or peppermint.
    • A nice piece of Chalcedony. I like this. (Remember, get a nice one, altars are sacred.) Chalcedony harmonizes the mind, body, and emotions, dissipates negative thoughts, and bad dreams. That makes it an ideal morning meditation crystal.
    • An orange candle for energizing.
  • Do your morning meditation routine. We will cover that later on in the article.

Top Meditation Books

Meditation books are very good ways to learn practices and methods of meditation. There is not a lot That I can say about these really, you will have to read them. Although I particularly like the book above because it has step-by-step methods to learn 10 practical meditation techniques for beginners.

The book that I have included here is one of many great books that are available, and I suggest you get kindle unlimited or audible as a free trial and look through the books available on there. It has been a great help to me with meditation.

Best Meditation Bench | Seiza Bench

As I started this article based on my own, cramped experience, I will continue…

If you can not sit directly on the floor for any reason, a meditation / Seiza bench may be ideal for you. The one that I have included in this article may not be the most space-saving of all of them, but for the money, I think it is very good. (If you would like to look at some of the more compact designs click here) The word seiza is a Japanese word with the literal translation of “proper sitting”. Although this way of sitting in Japanese cultures actually requires the sitter to have their buttocks touching their heels. This is not always a comfortable position. That is where the medibench 1 million, I mean the adjustable style meditation seat comes in. It is lightweight, portable, and adjustable, so it will be able to be stored away quite easily.

Best meditation pillow

Perhaps you have looked at the benches and decided that they are not the right thing for you. A little too big, bulky, or whatever. Perhaps you just prefer to sit cross-legged on the floor but it is too hard or uncomfortable for you. This Rollable cushion is a brilliant, lightweight, portable, and comfortable space-saving seat that as mentioned above, will fit into the round table for storage.

Not only can you use this for your meditation sessions, but you can also use it for yoga and pilates if you do them. They are non-slip which makes them great for those uses too. They are foldable and roll-able which means that you can adjust them and store them very easily.

Chakra Meditation Mat / Meditation Mat

Fancy something that keeps you in touch with your chakras while reminding you of the symbols and colors? The chakra mat above may be ideal. I agree that this will not be as storable, although it is still very lightweight. If you have the room to keep your round altar table set up in a corner, there will be a perfect amount of space in the corner behind the table to store this.

If you are into yoga, this would be the ideal choice as it can be doubled as a long yoga mat as it is 68″ long.

They come in a variety of colors and designs, but I really like this one as it has the chakras on it. This will give you the ability to learn the colors and symbols of them and at the same time, it will aid you in visualizing the chakras while doing meditations other than morning routines. This mat would be a very good one for when you are opening the chakras.

Plugin Oil diffuser

Oil diffusers are one of the most versatile new age spiritual products available today. Not only do they smell great, but you can also adapt them for almost any spiritual need. This depends on which oil you put in it.

I have a long list of essential oils and their uses and I will do a separate article on those in the future, so keep a lookout on the homepage.

For now, as I said earlier, we are looking at your morning routine so you will want to use an invigorating oil such as lemon, bergamot, or peppermint. All of which are included in this set. I will list the other oils that are in the set and what they will be good for spiritually too:


BergamotUplifting your mood
Cinnamon LeafEnergy
GrapefruitUplifting and energizing
LemongrassSoothe Tension
LimeHappiness Booster
PatchouliBalances Mood
PeppermintFights Stress
Pine NeedleCleanse
Sweet OrangeHappiness Booster
TangerineBalancing Emotions
Tea TreePurifying

The list above is only some of the things that you can use these oils for. I will do an article on oils in more detail in the future, but for now, you can see why these oil diffusers are so useful. I highly recommend one of these even if you don’t want to meditate. Maybe even more than one. They can go in lots of rooms and have different oils in for different reasons.

You could put lavender in your children’s room, rosemary in your study, lime in the kitchen, and more.

Meditation clothing

There are 2 main items of clothing that you can buy specifically for meditation, shawls, and cloaks.

Meditation Shawls

Shawls have been an integral part of the Buddhist culture for thousands of years. Other religions call them prayer shawls, but that is very dependant on what the religion and community you are speaking to. They are used to surround the person who is meditating/praying as they hold positive and protective energy. They also will keep you warm as you are meditating, because your heart rate drops while you are meditating. This will stop your mind from wandering from the chill.

If like me, you are going to use these in the morning, it is a nice alternative to using a dressing gown as it instantly gets your mind and body prepared for the meditation that will follow.

At 7.5′ long and 3.5′ wide, this shawl can be used for a bed runner to keep it warm from your body warmth, and also it will keep it nicely stored when you are not using it.

Meditation Cloaks

Meditation cloaks were generally used in Tibet by the Buddhist community to keep them warm during the winter. They are much warmer than shawls, but also bigger, heavier, and harder to store if you are limited for space. I really like this type of meditation clothing, I like the look of them and I like the weight of them in comparison to the shawls. However, that is not to everyone’s taste.

The conclusion to Meditation clothing

Meditation can be done in any comfortable clothing that you desire, although I like having specific clothing for meditating as it sets the mood a bit more than just jogging bottoms or pajamas. If you are like me, limited on space, the shawl is probably the better option for you.

Morning Meditation

Now that you have got your altar with a few invigorating and energizing items on it set up, your mat or cushion, and your shawl it is time to do your morning meditation. Personally, I like to do guided meditations in the morning as it keeps me awake. If I were to do a single point or self-guided I would relax more and possibly fall to sleep again. My favorite guided meditation publisher is Jason Stephenson, and I would recommend a video such as this: 8 minutes to start your day positively!

However, if you wish to do this type of meditation yourself without audio guidance then perhaps follow these steps:

  • Get yourself comfortable, in front of your altar on a pillow, mat, or bench.
  • Play some invigorating meditation music.
  • Smile to yourself. This may seem silly at first, but what is a better way to start a day than with a smile?
  • Take some deep breaths. Feel your muscles awaken and energize with every inward breath, and every exhale you breathe away your drowsiness, confusion, and negativity.
  • Do the step above until you have completely woken.
  • Visualize. See all of your possible negative experiences of the day ahead of you.
  • Recreate their outcomes in the best possible way to suit you.
  • Complete. Take about 5-10 minutes a day to do this.
  • Gently open your eyes.

That is it. You can then pack away any of the items that you have used in your morning ritual, and they can stay away until the evening.

Meditation Gifts

Gifts are always a nice idea. They are nice to give and to receive. whether you are buying a gift for yourself or for someone else that practices meditation, then any of the above items would be greatly appreciated I’m sure. If you still haven’t seen anything that you feel may be a nice gift, here are a few extra ideas:


If you have limited space then most of the meditation products that I have put into this article should be good for you. Even if you were to choose to buy all of the items except for the robe and the long yoga mat, they should all fit into the round table, which I think is a really good idea for space-saving. 

There are other items and techniques that will help with meditation such as grounding and protection, so be sure to read those articles too. I have linked them to the related posts below.

I hope this helps. Blessings to you. Please Share this on your social media if you like it. 🙂

J2A 🙂