Ruby Metaphysical Properties

Ruby Metaphysical Properties

In this post, we will look at the ruby metaphysical properties. Ruby is a stone that helps your awareness in both aspects of spiritual and mystical experiences with the oneness of the universe. When using this stone you can experience spirituality in everyday life. It will help your thoughts and intentions in a physical manifestation and assist you in seeing spiritual energy, also known as Clairvoyance.

Ruby Metaphysical Properties – Healing With Rubies

Ruby will relinquish imprints of past traumas, both emotional and physical. Actively stimulating the root chakra, some of the ruby’s metaphysical properties are:

  • Increases desire
  • Sexual energy
  • Used to activate the Kundalini.
  • Increases natural feelings of Love, Commitment, and Intimacy.

This precious gem promotes motivation, a clearer mind, and increased concentration. It will bring feelings of power to those who wear the stone by:

  • Boosting self-confidence
  • Determination
  • Overcoming shyness
  • Driving one to their goals and prosperity

Ruby also helps reduce the fear of evil and paranormal activity or where there is a risk of psychic or psychological attack. As well as protecting against nightmares, it can help protect against ‘home intruders.’

Physical healing properties of ruby

Physically, ruby is a stone that is connected to the circulatory system. In turn, it has many physical advantages to being worn if you suffer from circulatory issues. If worn for the majority of the time it will:

  • Strengthens the heart
  • Increases general blood condition
  • It stimulates circulation and blood flow,
  • Strengthens the coronaries
  • Strengthen ventricles and the myocardium
  • Aids in treating disease or disorders of the heart.
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This stone benefits the reproductive organs by treating sexual dysfunction, infertility, and impotence. Also helpful to women in early menopause and used as support after gynecological operations. Assisting in regulating menstrual flow and alleviating pain caused by menstruation. Also believed to help during pregnancy and is especially helpful to older women during pregnancy, as well as infants in the womb at the time of implantation.

Rubies are used to treat fevers and infections and detoxify the body’s blood and lymph nodes. They are linked to the adrenals, the kidneys, and the spleen; it assists with circulation when the energy flow is inadequate to the feet and legs. It has also been known to help regulate weight, especially when emotional eating is the causing factor. Aids in blood pressure instability lowers cholesterol and stimulate the pituitary gland.

Emotional Healing or ruby

Emotionally, Ruby stimulates enthusiasm and gets you all fired up; helpful when boredom has set in, as it will get your blood flowing. It will intensify emotions and invoke passion when used as a talisman to bring Joy, Love, Wealth, Sexual Vigour, and Power.

A powerful healing crystal for helping people who fight to be in a physical body in the physical world and those who have a feeling of not belonging. It can help you interact and be more loving to your physical body and self.

This gem will rejuvenate and raise you from lethargy and exhaustion, fills you with enthusiasm when it seems lacking, and creates a balancing effect on hyperactivity. A stone of protection that sustains those of a sensitive nature and with an anamorphic view of themselves. Overcomes fears of being unlovable and ugly. As well as releasing the destructive emotions one holds and assisting in developing more loving attributes about the self and the physical body.

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Ruby History

Myanmar (Burma), located on the southern border of China, was the world’s main exporter of rubies. This was from the Mogok valley in the north of the country. Although recently good rubies have rarely been found in these mines. This gave way to the area of Mong Hsu, which since the 1990s, has become the world’s largest mining area in the world.

Their first recorded transportations were written in literature of the Silk Road, wherein approx 200BC they were transported along this ‘road’ in the same way as diamonds and other valuable items from China were.

Asian countries have always revered rubies as extremely precious gemstones. They were used as embellishments of armor, scabbards, and harnesses of the noblemen. They were, in fact, so highly regarded in India and China that they were even laid under the foundations of buildings to ensure the good fortune of the buildings above them.

Other Ruby Information

Ruby is a gemstone that is a variety of the mineral corundum, a crystalline form of aluminum oxide that contains traces of iron, titanium, vanadium, and chromium. Rubies and sapphires are the only 2 varieties of mineral corundum varieties considered gem quality.

Rubies are not red due to the iron content, as you would possibly be fooled into thinking, but because of the presence of chromium.

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They are one of the 5 main cardinal gems (gems that have been traditionally considered to be precious above all others). The other 4 cardinal gemstones are amethyst, diamond, emerald, and sapphire.

The name ruby originates from the Latin word for red, which is ruber.

Quality of a stone

The quality of a stone is the deciding factor in giving it a final valuation. However, quality is not measured by only one standard. In the industry of valuing stones, the 4C’s are used:

  • Color: blood-red or pigeon blood is much more valuable than other rubies with the same qualities in the other 3c’s.
  • Cut: while there are no official rules or grades for the cuts of gemstones, the general rule is that the cut needs to reflect light evenly with no darkness or windows.
  • Clarity: The highest clarity of a gemstone would be one with absolutely no inclusions. However, this is usually unobtainable, as gemstones are natural.
  • Carat: the one we have likely all heard about. This is the physical weight of the gemstone. It will appear different in different stones due to 2 main reasons: the cut. Depending on the cut, that will make the stone appear larger, smaller, deeper, shallower, etc. Secondly, it is their density. While all materials have their own densities, they will also have their own weights for a specific size.

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