Pendulum Healing for Spirituality

Pendulum Healing for Spirituality

If you are a healer, you’ll likely already know that using a pendulum for healing can be a handy tool during a treatment session. There are many ways in which you can use pendulum healing within treatments. If you are not a healer, we hope this article will help you take your first steps to become one.

Pendulum Healing – Using a Pendulum To Heal Yourself

Some of the treatments that you can do with pendulums include:

  • Grounding
  • Chakra balancing
  • Choosing crystals for treatments
  • Aura cleansing/ Blockages in the aura
  • Chakra blockages or imbalances

Below I will give a few methods in which you can use your pendulum for healing that I learned during my crystal healing therapist qualification. Don’t forget to read our article on Pendulums for Beginners first if you are unsure of how to use pendulums or would like a refresher.

Grounding With Pendulums

Ensuring your client is grounded is essential before carrying out any other energy therapy. Otherwise, your client may suffer some unpleasant symptoms.

  1. Get your client to lie comfortably flat on their back.
  2. Firstly ask for your highest guidance from the light and then your client’s highest guidance.
  3. Link into your client’s heart. – To do that, hold your pendulum firmly while staying calm and relaxed. Hover over the heart area and ask, “Please link into the heart.” The pendulum will swing until it has done and then stop or show a “yes” response.
  4. Head down towards your clients’ feet, staying in line with the body but coming down past the feet about 4-6 inches. Ask, “is {client name} grounded?” If you get a yes response, you can move on to the treatment you are doing; if not, follow the next steps.
  5. Standing in the same position as before, hold the pendulum similarly and ask, “Please ground {client’s name}.” The pendulum will swing, most likely in a circular motion, until it’s complete or give a yes response.
  6. Ask again, “is {Client’s name} grounded?” You should now get a yes response; if not, repeat the process.
  7. Then say thank you, and you’re ready to move on to the next part of your healing session.
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Unblocking Chakras with Pendulums

Have your client lie down, as in the grounding technique. Holding your pendulum a few inches above the body, at each chakra point, pause and ask, “is the chakra blocked?” wait for your yes/no response. Making a note of your answers as you go or a mental note if your memory is good enough.

You should always start at the crown chakra and work down the body so that you do not disrupt the energy flow. Continue the process down to the root chakra. You also have back chakras except for the crown and the root chakras. So you can either ask at the same time by saying, “is the front brow or (3rd eye) chakra blocked” and then “is the back brow chakra blocked.”

Or you can ask your client to turn over and repeat the process. However, that can sometimes be quite uncomfortable for the client to do, and they have usually already become calm and relaxed by this point, and it could be very disruptive.

Once you know if the chakras are blocked, you can move on to the chakra balancing. Always check at each point that your client is still grounded.

Pendulum Healing – Chakra balancing

With your client lying down as before, take your pendulum in your dominant hand and hold your free hand over the crown chakra a few inches above. There is no need to make any requests; your pendulum should start to swing automatically in a circular motion. Take note of which way the pendulum swings (clockwise or anti-clockwise). Hold your palm over the chakra for approx. 2-3 mins while the pendulum continues to swing.

If the pendulum doesn’t start to swing, ask for a being of the highest light to help you clear this chakra. You will then see it start to move.

Once this is complete, move on to the next chakra. With the next chakra, the pendulum’s movement should be in the opposite direction. So, for example, if the pendulum was swinging clockwise at the crown, then the third eye chakra should be swinging anti-clockwise and alternating throughout.

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Repeat this sequence down to the root chakra. If, at any point, through this process, the pendulum swings in the same direction as it did at the previous chakra, ask your light being for assistance.

When we have a restriction in the pendulum’s movement, it goes in the same direction as the previous chakra movement. That indicates a blockage, imbalance, or constriction within that chakra.

Once you have completed the sequence down to the root chakra, check your client is still grounded and thank your light being for their assistance, and you are finished!

It is advisable to give your clients a glass of water when they sit up and give them some time to sit and talk through their experience. Very often, the chakras that have indicated a blockage or imbalance will resonate with the client and coincide with situations in their lives at present or past traumas they have endured.

Pendulum Healing – Aura Cleansing

The aura is the energy field that surrounds our physical body. Things that happen to us throughout our lives, big or small, can affect our auric field. Even down to bumping into someone we didn’t want to see and feeling uptight from it, or maybe having a crossed word with someone. Everything can create dents in our aura. More significant traumas can even create holes and tears within the aura.

When we suffer an imbalance or any damage to the layers of the aura, it can result in the physical body becoming prone to things like negative energies or psychic attacks and even physical dis-ease within the body. It is, therefore, essential to keep the auric field as free and balanced as possible from these tears and holes.

How to complete Aura cleansing with a pendulum

To do this, as with the chakra balancing technique, use your pendulum and the palm of your hand. Very slowly, a few inches above the body, move your hand down the front of the client’s body and then down each side of the body. Each time return to the head and work down towards the feet. That is similar to a byosen scan used within a Reiki treatment.

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We are sensing the energy of the client’s aura and feeling for changes within the energy field. At the same time, as moving your free hand down the body, follow with your pendulum in your dominant hand. Any energy changes you sense with your hand should coincide with some movement from your pendulum.

When everything is in balance and the aura is free of ‘‘dents,” it should feel springy and alive. When you are feeling for imbalances, you may feel as though there is a dip. These “dips” can range in how they feel, but you may get a sensation of heat or tingling or a heavy feeling or cold. These are all common sensations, but you may feel others too. Whatever you feel is correct, and you should trust that indication.

Make a mental note of any areas you have detected a change within the aura.

After a pendulum aura cleanse

Once you have completed this, place your pendulum to one side and call for your light being’s assistance again. Use both hands and go from the head to the feet, pulling down. Almost like a stroking movement, and repeat this ten times. After completing this process, return to the problem areas with your palm and your pendulum and sense the aura again for changes. These areas should now feel the same as the rest of the aura. If not, repeat the process. You should be able to notice a change in some of the areas, if not all. Some may be more stubborn than others, depending on how deep-seated and severe the trauma is.

After finishing your aura cleanse, thank your light being again for their assistance. Ensure your client is grounded, offer them water, and allow them time to discuss their experience.

Even if your client wasn’t aware of any compromises in the aura, they should notice a difference in how they feel.

I hope this helps. Blessings to you. Please Share this on your social media if you like it. 🙂

J2A 🙂

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