How to Learn Mediumship – A Beginners Guide

How to Learn Mediumship - A Beginners Guide

While everyone can go to a medium and pay for their services, it is not always the cheapest. Furthermore, finding a reputable medium is not always as easy as it sounds. That’s why, in this article, we are going to look at the most common methods that you can use to learn mediumship yourself.

Hopefully, by now, you will have read a few of our other articles. If not, here are the things that you should probably know by this point:

There will be a few more articles that you can read that will help you along the way. However, we will link to them in a little while, as, for now, we will try to teach you How to learn spirit mediumship (from a beginner).

How to Learn Mediumship – Develop Your Abilities

The first question we get asked when we tell people that developing your abilities is the first step to learning mediumship is: “How can I develop something that I do not have?” While that is a great question, the answer is somewhat surprising to some people. That is:

Most, if not all, people have the ability to communicate with spirit. You just need to find it and develop it into something you can use.

As with anything to do with spirituality, especially connecting with spirit, the first things that you need to do are:

  • Ground yourself. – Grounding yourself keeps you from having any negative effects and allows you to remember more of your messages, feelings, and emotions that may have come to you. Read More: Spiritual Grounding
  • Protect yourself. – Spiritual protection will shield you from negative energy, unwanted influences, and psychic attacks in a safe and sacred space and help you navigate the world with ease, clarity, and peace of mind. Read More: Spiritual Protection
  • Open up to spirit. – Working with spirit is not something that you can usually do without this preparation. Some say it is just getting yourself in the right mindset; others say it is a change in your spiritual frequency. Read More: Opening up Spiritually 

Now you are ready to begin developing your spiritual connections. One way to start is by improving your intuition. Your intuition is the inner voice that guides you toward what feels right or wrong. Some people have dialogues with their inner voice, while other people do not.

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Regular Spiritual Meditation for Mediumship

Meditation for connecting with spirit will differ depending on who you talk to. Furthermore, some people will tell you that you can only connect with spirits if you are in a group, while others will say you need to be alone. The reality is you need to find whatever works for you. Everyone is completely different.

Whichever way you choose, you should set aside some regular time to complete what you set out to do. For example, I used to go to circles once a week and complete individual meditations alone once or twice a week. I do try to meditate for spiritual connection a little more now, but it is not always possible. You must do what fits in with your time and what feels right for you. It can drain your energy, so start off slowly.

We already have a Spiritual Meditation For Beginners article that you can read through.

Preparing to Become a Medium

If you have worked through this article and the posts I have linked, you have done everything you need to become a medium. However, it probably doesn’t feel like it, right? There isn’t an awful lot more that you NEED to do before becoming a medium, but there are a lot of different ways that you can connect with spirits. Some of them will help you more than others, and again, it is an individual choice that you need to make.

You may find yourself with an affinity for tarot, pendulums, or any other of the main spiritual abilities. If you do, then you need to start practicing those regularly, too.

Remember, whenever you decide to practice these different forms of abilities, we recommend that you complete the steps above first.

Learn Mediumship by Practicing on Your Own

The easiest and fastest way to learn mediumship is to practice on what you already know; yourself. Try to carry out the meditations and look for the following:

  • Feelings. – The feelings you may get are vast and numerous. But you may feel like someone is standing or sitting by you. Instead of fearing this feeling, know that they cannot do anything to you, and try to work out who they are, why they are there, and if they have a message for you. Some of the other feelings you may get are:
    • Warmth or coldness on one side, front, or back.
    • Tingling in certain areas that may have some connection to the person you have with you. (Again, there are differing levels of connection here. For example, the feeling may be in a troublesome area for the person, or it might be where a specific tattoo was, or anywhere in between).
  • Tastes specific to the person. You may taste something that the person really liked to eat or during.
  • Smells that remind you of that person, such as their favorite perfume or aftershave.
  • Images. – You may see something that is related to the person, something they liked, somewhere you went together, or you may even see their face, part of their face, or a silhouette.
  • Sounds. – Maybe you will hear something, such as a message from them, a noise that reminds you of them, such as an old kettle whistle.
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The list of ways you can feel spirit is almost endless, and unfortunately, they can be very cryptic. You should always write down anything that you get so that you can check it later on. IT can take a while for your consciousness to catch up with your subconsciousness.

Practice on Close, Non-Judgmental Friends, and Families

After you start to understand what type of messages you get and how to interpret them, you can branch out to people you trust. Of course, depending on what method you chose to receive messages, such as tarot, pendulums, meditation, etc., you should explain to the willing family or friends that you are practicing. Then you can carry out your reading or meditation in the way you usually do.

I tend to stick with meditations and the feelings that I have explained above, as it is the most simple and intuitive way to say what you receive.

Ask the person to write down what you say, or to record your reading, so they can play it back later when they think of something (they will, they all do).

Remember to ask for feedback. You should really ask for initial thoughts and feelings and if anything sat right with them or not. Furthermore, you should tell them you will ask again in a few days or weeks to see if anything sits better with them after time to reflect.

Continue this practice for as long as it takes you to become confident in your abilities and delivery.

Points to remember:

  • Be empathetic and cautious when saying the messages you receive. The person getting the reading may not be expecting what you say; it may even shock them. Try to stay calm and ask if it sits well with them.
  • Do not expect high accuracy. Of course, getting all of your messages correct all of the time is almost impossible for anyone. However, you may feel like you don’t get anything right; that’s fine, too.
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Learn Mediumship on Social Platforms

There are many, many social media platforms that you can use to practice your skills. However, our personal favorite has to be Reddit. There are so many great SubReddits there that allow you to offer free readings to total strangers. However, you do have to make it very clear that you are not trying to gain monetary returns and that you only want to practice.

Some SubReddits will ban you if you talk about taking money from people, so be very careful. Of course, you can always use our own SubReddit –

Here is a template that you can use:

  • Title: I am offering [number] free [type] readings for my development
    (Insert how many readings you want to do and what method you will use).
  • Body: Hi, everyone. I have recently started [type] of readings and want to practice on people I do not know. If you would like a free reading, please leave a comment below stating that you are interested, and I will comment on the first [number] of people who will get the readings.

    If you get a comment, please PM me with your question, not including
    [anything you do not want questions about, such as relationships, medical, law, etc.], and I will answer within [time].I will not be taking any money for my readings.Thank you for your interest. 

Then, you can comment however you feel to acknowledge the people you will do readings for.

Remember to add a *CLOSED* tag to your title when you have accepted all that you want. 

Public Mediumship Readings

When you have more confidence in your mediumship, you can start to work on face-to-face readings with people you do not know. However, a suggestion would be to offer free readings for a while, build up some trust and gain some clients before charging for your readings.

It is not always easy to find people who are open to spiritual readings and close to you. However, you can always try searching for “Spiritual circles near me.” Circles are a great way to get the practice and feedback that you need from similar-minded people.

Don’t think that you have to wait until you get to this stage to start going to a circle, though. You can join at any time, even as a complete beginner.


While this article may seem confusing, for a complete beginner, the best place to start is by practicing on your own. You can start to understand the messages you get and how to interpret them without the fear of judgment. And, as we have just said, consider joining a development circle when you feel ready; they will help you more than you expect.

Leave a comment below if you have any questions about your journey to learn mediumship; we are happy to help you out. Or, you can join us on Reddit and have a chat.

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