Abhayamudra – The Spiritual Symbol and Meaning

Abhayamudra - The Spiritual Symbol and Meaning

The Abhayamudra (sometimes spelled Abhaya Mudra) is a spiritual symbol that originated from a hand gesture with an extensive connection to Buddhism and Hinduism. The symbol is an extremely powerful one of courage and protection. Furthermore, after you know the symbol (or gesture), you will see it more and more.

So, whether you have seen this symbol in a dream, meditation, or been given something with it on, you can find out what it might mean for your spiritual journey in this brief article.


Abhayamudra is a coalition of two Sanskrit words: “Abhaya,” which means fearlessness, and “mudra,” which means gesture.

The Spiritual Meaning of Abhayamudra

The primary meaning behind the symbol is that of protection and safety. People commonly use the hand gesture while meditating to keep themselves safe from physical and spiritual harm. Using the gesture in everyday situations can help you relieve some anxiety and fear that normal, everyday situations can cause. For example, if you are going to a job interview, sitting with your hands in this position can help ground and center yourself.

If you have ever seen or received this symbol, you can interpret it in several ways:

  • It is offering you courage and strength for any challenges you might be facing
  • Giving you confidence in situations
  • Reducing anxiety and fear
  • Dispelling ignorance (yours or others)
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In Buddhist iconography, the abhayamudra depicts Buddha’s victory over the demon of desire and death, Mara. However, you will also see other deities using the same hand positions, such as Goddess Kali and Lord Ganesha.

So, when you see this symbol, know that it is for your highest good and that you have the power to overcome any obstacle that you may face.

Alternatively, you can use the hand gesture to give yourself some extra confidence in any situation you might need.

How to Position Your Hands for the Abhaya Mudra

  1. Keep your left hand at your side
  2. Raise your right hand in front of your chest (palm facing outward)
  3. Keep your fingers and thumb pointing up toward the sky

An Abhayamudra Meditation

First, as with all meditations, you should find a quiet, relaxing place that is comfortable to sit in. Do this at a time that you know you will not be distracted; then:

  1. Ground yourself
  2. Raise your right hand in the Abhaya Mudra position
  3. Rest your left hand at your side or on your hip, whichever is most comfortable
  4. Close your eyes and focus on your breath. Do not try to change your breathing pattern
  5. Allow your breathing to slow and deepen as you let go of stress and tension
  6. As you breathe in, visualize the universe’s energy (as a bright white light) entering through your right-hand palm chakra (the equivalent of your crown)
  7. As you breathe out, visualize the stress, fear, and negativity leaving the body
  8. At the same time, see the white light surround you in a bubble of protection
  9. Feel the courage and strength fill your body and give you the power to overcome any obstacle
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Sit in the power of the Abhayamudra for as long as you want to. When you are ready to finish, slowly lower your hand, take a few deep breaths, and ground yourself again.

Take time to reflect, and remember to write down anything you saw or felt during your meditation.


The Abhayamudra, or Abhaya mudra, is a very powerful symbol of protection. Know that you are protected, and strengthen that protection by regularly completing the meditation above. We hope that helps you.

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